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  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • Single Crystal Diamond

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  • Product description:
  • The Application for Artificial Synthetic diamond

    With the improvement of CVD synthesis technology, through the adoption of raw material gas (hydrogen, methane) and under less than one air pressure with the temperature of 800-1200

    , we can get complete transparent colorless large size single crystal diamond by adopting the method of homogeneous extension which use small particles of natural diamond as "seed", grow  it up to become a big gem grade monocrystalline diamond particles.

    The CVD diamond (Lab Grown Diamond) can be used as a dazzling diamond after processing . Its color, spectroscopy, heat, physical and chemical properties are basically the same as natural diamonds, and the price is much lower than the natural diamond.


    CVD single crystal diamond can be completely colorless and transparent, with almost no impurities. After grinding, the clarity is generally VVS level and above, and the color is D-J.


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