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  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • Polycrystalline Diamond

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  • Product description:

  • The application for Optical Windows

    CVD synthetic diamond (Lab Grown Diamond) is made by Chemical Vapor Deposition process. After double-sided polishing, the color CVD diamond is transparent;  the normal size of diameter can reach more than 120mm when the thickness is 1mm,and the light transmittance can be more than 60%. CVD diamond, as a typical multifunctional material, with high heat conductivity, high refractive index, radiation resistance, chemical inertness, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, is especially suitable for 8 ~ 12 microns long wave infrared optical window material.

    CVD diamond has superior optical transmission performance in infrared region. At the same time, CVD diamond, with strong performance of the anti-irradiation damage, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, can be used as X-ray window material and infrared window material for armored vehicles under harsh conditions. More importantly, the excellent seismic performance of CVD diamond film makes it can keep good optical properties under the environment of high temperature. This feature makes CVD diamond film become a great material choice for high-speed interceptor missile head, aviation aircraft window, the detection window of fighter head and infrared array thermal imaging guide window.


    X-ray window, infrared thermal imaging device window, strong laser window, speed interceptor missile hood, aircraft window and so on.

    Product details parameters: can be customized.


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