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  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • 河南佰特科技有限公司
  • Polycrystalline Diamond

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  • Product description:

  • The Application for Thermal Management

    CVD diamond (Lab Grrown Diamond) has the highest thermal conductivity up to 22 w/(cm. K) at room temperature, which is much higher than copper, cemented carbide and ceramic, etc. So CVD diamond is an excellent heat dissipation material, and diamond with high purity is a good insulating material. It is also environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, diamond is the ideal thermal management/heat sink/heat spreader material.

    Thermal-grade CVD diamond film has been used in optical communication and military engineering for the manufacturing heat radiator elements of high-power optoelectronic devices and high-power semiconductor diode lasers. Currently, for the application of heat radiator elements of laser diode, high-power transistor,high power discrete diode, CVD diamond film will be cut into 25 mm square by laser, and polished into 0.2 ~1.0 mm thick sheets, which has very good thermal diffusion and heat conductivity.


    Thermal devices,heat spreader of light-emitting diodes, Rf power transistors and small microwave integrated circuits, multi-chip 3D assembly technology (MCMS), semiconductor packaging, etc.

    Available sizes:

    Thickness of thick and rough CVD diamond film: 0.3mm-1.5mm

    Degree after polishing for thermal management :0.2mm-1.0mm

    Width and height can be customized.

    Available sizes:
    Thickness of thick film:0.3-1.5mm
    Degree after polishing:0.2-1.0mm


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